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Come celebrate with us and enjoy an evening of food and drink, fun and games, prizes and gifts, and most important... the power to Raise Your Image!

Innovative technologies have a way of disrupting the status quo while generating unique opportunities. From Uber to Netflix to iPhones and beyond, technology has transformed entire industries, leading to opportunities never before available. Now, technology is bringing its disruptive force to the printing industry, and Visions is at the forefront.

This rebirth of print has created an even more powerful marketing channel that combines the efficiencies of automation with the ability to engage and influence all our senses. Marketers can now create unique customer connections... with experiences that live in the hands, hearts, and memories of their targeted customers.

We call this innovative force, Visions' ESP - Extra Sensory Print.

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Why Visions' ESP?
ESP technology makes it possible to dramatically attract customers by integrating the sense of touch into printed materials. With ESP, you can create an almost endless variety of raised textured images and special effects that customers can't resist holding, touching, and running their fingers over. You can even personalize messaging with digital variable foils, textured surfaces and raised UV. These days, you must be different to attract attention... And nothing draws attention like the attraction and appeal of Extra Sensory Print.

Visions' ESP will help differentiate you from the competition in powerful new ways. See for yourself, feel for yourself, and engage for yourself... establish stronger connections and create memorable experiences that can boost your brand and marketing results.

Raise your image with Visions' ESP and bring your marketing materials to life!

Open House & Celebration
3-8 pm
Visions, Inc.
8801 Wyoming Avenue North
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55445